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"मुझे शिग्रपतन होता है।
में बहोत इलाज कर चूका हूँ।
कुछ फ़ायदा नहीं हुआ। आयुर्वेद जड़ी बूटी की दवा खाई।
में कमजोर होते जाता हूँ।
प्लीज मुझे कोई अछि मेडिसिन बताइए प्लीज",

this is one of the commonest refrain I hear from people with premature ejaculation.

Damage Caused by Medicines advertised as Ayurvedic Herbal cure to stop rapid climax

We see people who have wasted money on Ayurvedic treatment for shigrapatan, Ayurvedic Medicines Baba ramdev yoga for shigrapatan. Herbal upchar to stop shigra patan, potent herbs useful in curing the problem of premature ejaculation (shigrapatan), package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines and promise to naturally cure quick ejaculation or rapid climax turn futile. The young man gets distressed.

He tends to avoid sexual intimacy with his wife being despondent and ashamed of shigrapatan.

What treatment not to take to cure shigrapatan premature ejaculation

I sincerely advise: 1. Not to experiment with quack doctors who advertise on streets and in media offering ilaz remedy to cure shigrapatan/premature ejaculation.

2. Not to take medicines advertised as Ayurvedic or herbal cure. Some of the ingredients are toxic. Example, shilajeet is nephrotoxic. Shilajeet taken in high doses over long period damage kidneys. Moreover, one is never sure of what the real ingredients are, whether they are made hygienically, whether they contain surreptitiously added Allopathy medicines and lured by the fake label of nature cure for rapid discharge.

3. Not to have unrealistic expectations. If you expect to last for 20 or 30 minutes as you have seen the performance in porn videos then you have prepared yourself to be life long wretch suffering miserably as incurable patient.

Why Ayurvedic medicines, Herbal remedies, Natural Cure, Oils and herbs shouldn't be taken

Newspapers are flooded with advertisements on Ayurvedic treatment to cure shigrapatan. Sex clinics set up by quacks not only abound on the narrow lanes of India, but advertise as online sex doctor with online sex clinic giving advice as best sexologist in india treating people with herbal and Ayurvedic packages. When sexual dysfunction in men is handled by quacks, by the time they come to us they have lost money, time and trust.

If you have any questions ASK SEX DOCTOR free medical expertise online

We can identify these people with rapid climax because invariably they ask, "Can you guarantee shigrapatan will be stopped?" It requires huge effort for them to understand facts about premature ejaculation, the various options in modern medicine that can be used.

What treatment should I take to stop premature ejaculation

This is given in details on this site. Rational use of modern medicines along with psycho sexual therapeutic techniques and realistic expectations are immensely beneficial in delaying ejaculation. How to ensure that your sexual partner is satisfied is an essential part of therapeutic counseling.


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